DIY Projects With a Portable Concrete Mixer – A Step by Step Primer

If you are using a portable concrete mixer for the first time, here are a few tips. First, fill the drum with two gallons of water. Once the water has been added to the drum, add the first bag of concrete. For this step by step guide, we will be using two 80lb bags; enough to secure a standard size fence post into the ground.

Turn the portable concrete mixer on to full, and add the first bag of mix. It is most likely this will be a messy affair; so don’t wear a tux, style your hair or make plans to rush out immediately after this job. Seriously though, you may find it helpful to cover your mouth and perhaps invest in a decent pair of goggles. The dust isn’t particularly dangerous of course, but it is irritating and can cause a nasty cough for a time.

Not all the mix will amalgamate with the water initially; this is where your shovel first comes into its own. Just give it a thorough mix to break up and solid blocks of concrete mix. Having completed this, it is time to do the same with second bag.

This time though, you can afford to take a little more time to add the mix, and incorporate it gently. Again, the shovel can be put to good use here, to achieve an oatmeal like consistency.

Use your eye to judge the consistency, and add a little more water if you feel it necessary. Add it gradually though, to ensure it doesn’t get too wet; though of course this can be rectified through adding a little more concrete mix.

Having completed the mix to the desired consistency, you can secure the fencepost. It is up to you how you do this of course; whether with the tilting mechanism on the portable concrete mixer, or with your all important shovel.

The last things to do, is leave the portable concrete mixer as you received it. (It was hopefully clean!) Simply rinse the drum out with your hose, to ensure the concrete doesn’t dry and effect performance of mix.

One of the best mixers is IBC Tote Mixer.

Pain Relief With Serrapeptase

It is amazing how a squirmy silkworm can make a life changing difference from a life filled with pain, painful inflammation or disease and change it to a life of health and happiness. Serrapeptase has been used in Europe and Asia for over 30 years to replace the chemical agents referred to as NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). Serrapeptase is an alternative to aspirin, ibuprofen and other OTC (over the counter) medications. As a nature created protease enzyme agent that has no known side effects when used, it does not harm your body or organs. Just the opposite is true, it heals and removes many of the disease or harmful deposits that can cause you pain, inflammation, some cancers and arterial blockages.

What is this wonder enzyme? It has been titled and correctly so, “The Miracle Enzyme” by Robert Redfern.

Isolated from the microorganism, Serratia E15, Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme (protease) that will work in the human body to remove scar tissue (dead tissue) and has a strong anti-inflammatory effect within our bodies. We can thank the silkworm for this miracle. This enzyme was originally found in the silkworm intestine. The silkworm uses it to digest the mulberry leaf and also create a hole in its hard cocoon so that it could exit and a moth and fly off. As we know, the outer layer on the cocoon is the origin of silk that is used in thread and then made into clothing. Today this enzyme is a commercial product derived through fermentation. The history and art of making silk is a fascinating story and one I enjoyed reading about.

Serrapeptase has so many case studies and amazing results that it would be difficult not to place it in a healing category all by itself. There are results showing it dissolving dead tissue, cysts, arterial plaque, inflammation and dissolving the substance that holds blood clots together. There does not seem to be many conditions or diseases in our bodies that have not been reported for this enzyme to improve or clear.

I personally have seen the effects of Serrapeptase in the improvement of removing scar tissue from my foot that was so painful I could hardly walk. Now I can go and do most everything without the unbearable pain. The doctor recommended 2 separate surgeries to remove the scar tissue so that I would not loose a toe due to the surgery and lack of blood flow. I also have PMR (polymyalgia rheumatica) a very painful and debilitating disease, requiring a steroid daily treatment to reduce the pain from the inflammation in my body. I have to have blood tests every 6 weeks and since I have been taking Serrapeptase, my blood results have dropped and I am taking less steroids. I will not go into the effects of taking a steroid but believe me, it is not good for the body and organs. I am thankful for the results I have noticed since taking Serrapeptase and expect the results to continue to improve. Oh, by the way, the results I noticed started within 2 weeks of taking Serrapeptase and prior to that, no changes in the pain or inflammation in either condition for over a year.

My sister is taking the enzyme and has also noticed great results. She has for many years had lumps in her legs that have made it very painful to walk or stand. She noticed that after just 2 weeks on Serrapeptase, that in her shopping in Walmart, which normally she can only walk for about 10 minutes, she had been there over 40 minutes and noticed the reduced pain. She has also had several surgeries for her sinus condition over the years and has noticed a clearing of that problem also. She has called several times to thank me for sending her the first bottle. She is a believer and has re-ordered multi-bottles 2 additional times.

I will list some of the conditions that have shown anywhere from a slight, to what is considered a miracle in the results of using Serrapeptase. There many experts and reports that verify the positive results of Serrapeptase, some are documented on my website as examples and I am truly amazed at the wonderful results that have been reported.

1. Cardiovascular Diseases:

Arterial Disease
Blood Clots
Reduce By-Pass surgery
Varicose Veins

2. Pain and Inflammation Problems:

Back Problems – Lower and neck
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Carpal Tunnel
Post operative Scars
Polymyalgia Rheumatica
Fibrocystic Breast Disease

3. Chest and Lung Diseases:

Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Cystic Fibrosis

4. Inflammatory Bowel Disorders:

Ulcerative Colitis,

5. Migraines and Headaches:

Migraines and Headaches

6. Cancer Recovery:

7. Multiple Sclerosis and other Neurological problems:

8. Ear, Nose & Throat Problems:

Swollen Glands

9. Sport Injury recovery:

There are many other diseases and conditions that can be helped or eliminated by the use of Serrapeptase. New results are being reported all the time and I expect to see many new amazing results as time continues. Serrapeptase was so valuable in its results, that in Germany, a prescription was required to get this enzyme. It has been used and researched in Europe and Asia for over 30 years. Serrapeptase was not introduced into the United States until 2002 and now we have it available here to improve our Health also.

It should be noted that like any other natural or herbal supplement, you should talk with your doctor to make sure there are no situations or medications that could affect your health condition while taking Serrapeptase. There are no known side effects with this enzyme and the dosage can vary depending on your personal condition. I personally started with a higher dosage and will reduce the amount to a maintenance dosage once I have reached the improvements in my body.

Serrapeptase can be taken by adults, children, dogs and horses. There have been dramatic results in animals with diseases like Arthritis and tumors. The tablet form can be taken whole or chewed up. The capsule can be taken whole or split and added to juice, water or honey. It is great for sore throats when dissolved and swallowed slowly. It will normally work within 15 to 30 minutes to eliminate the sore throat. To be most effective, Serrapeptase is enteric coated to pass through the stomach and be dissolved in the intestines. It should be taken on an empty stomach and can be taken up to 3 times a day and multiple tablets/capsules may be taken to achieve your maximum goal.

“Serrapeptase may become the most widely used nutritional supplement of all time because of it’s effectiveness with such a wide range of conditions”

SEO Video Services are Important

The creation and submission of videos to search engines is the first phase to attain internet success. These days, having the know how in search engine optimization or more popularly known as SEO techniques is important. The industry of SEO is a billion dollar one that many successful marketers are trying to keep for themselves.

It was disclosed that the search algorithm of Google for ranking the content of pages include search optimization techniques to the videos into their equation. Since the knowledge is open to the public, its utilization is much needed for small business ventures who are working on video campaigns and marketing. It appears that knowledge only industry professionals will have the capacity to compete with the search engines and continue to profit through the aggressive promotion of the company goods or services.

A lot of SEO marketers have taken notice and have taken action. These marketers have studied, drawn conclusions, and could apply what they have learned through the aid of marketing tools. The publication of video content looked easy for anybody however those who were more familiar with the methodologies profited more than the others.

When it comes to SEO videos, the fact cannot be denied that there is not much keyword to index. On the other hand, it should be known that algorithms are not only about words. Algorithms are also about natural components such as comments and views from internet users. In order to be rid of second page standing, marketers must find effective ways to promote the site in ways that are more human rather than automated.

There may still be some wonder why the SEO concept cannot be suppressed with simple keyword focused blogs and posts on social media, and why is there still a need for these moving images in spite of the fact that they are not readable even by the top search engine, the answers can be seen below:

Viral Power

The average internet user will be pleased to come across any form of entertainment, if not instructive information. Bottom line is, videos are always tempting to share with others. Proving the target market or audience with something to watch will enhance the brand to potential customers. In Tampa Bay, say that many of these such videos have gained internet notoriety and infamy due to the endless possibilities provided by sharing websites.

During the 1920’s introduction of silent films in black and white, folks have gone all gaga over it. In the 1940’s many people would slave away for long hours just to be able to afford a television set. In this day and age, there is barely any change in human interest towards these moving pictures. Whether it is old fashioned or digital, there is always something that draws people into this lifestyle.


Never mind that many individuals still have to sit through and suffer from a slow lagging internet connection, YouTube has still managed to entice a lot of viewers. This sharing website has magically made even the most impatient person, sit and wait for the video clip to load. The majority of web users cannot wait long enough for even a four second page buffer before jumping onto the next web page. As unbelievable as it is, this streamlined video sharing site tops the popular social networking page of Facebook.

Page Views

Those who do not want an increase in the bounce rate for their site should employ the amazing attributes of telegenics. Time and again it has proven to be an effective means to capture the attention of all types of viewers. Though there is no certainty that viewers will purchase the product or acquire the services of a company, one can at least be certain that it can help boost the rankings since the criteria set by Google involves the amount of time visitors spend in a web portal. Take for example a motion film with a two minute duration, if a visitor stays on the page long enough to finish the clip, this can instantly increase the rankings in search results.


Quite obviously, videos permit the promotion of whatever the company intends to promote, whether it is a product or a service. Because this kind of embedded component is thought to be an interesting content in any site, it should be used to promote the brand to potential consumers.

The Future of Google

A lot of SEO providers for video services are already anticipating the huge probability that in the coming years, the mammoth search engine will figure out a mode to detect telegenic content. There are even those who have predicted that the bulk of results that will top the search engines will be composed of videos. Though there isn’t any concrete evidence at the moment, there is still much to benefit with being in the loop of this growing trend.

Best Web Designing Company – Plan Your Web Design As Per Your Business Needs

Most business owners expect their website to be compelling to help expand their online business. A website is compelling only when it can inform visitors about company products/services, promote business conversions and entertain the visitors; all at the same time. If anyone of these is missing from your website, it will not be effective in pulling traffic. In such a situation, when competition in Internet marketing is tough, it is highly recommended that you hire the services of the best web designing company.

So now, how do you go about selecting the best web designers/graphic designers for your online business promotion? Well, since choosing the right web designing company is a very tough job, you should be very careful and not make any decision in haste.

Choose a professional web design company that not only will design a website for you but also design a USABLE website for your business. You should communicate your business goals & purpose of your website, targeted customers psyche with the web design company you choose and the company should aim to fulfill your requirements by means of your website design.

Hire expert web designers who can smartly innovate a web solution for your business that will be highly productive, communicative, interactive, user-friendly and at the same time SEO friendly too.

To ensure this, before you hire a designer, firstly look around similar websites online, even if it is a competitor website and try to analyze what brings traffic in them. Based on this, give references and complete information regarding the web design you want to seek to the web designing company This is important because a website is an important medium to earn money even while you are sleeping.

Once you are done with these preliminary tasks you move on to the process of hiring a web design company. For this, you should follow the below-mentioned guidelines so that your website gets the attention of the best professional experts in the market.

  • Depending on your business requirements, you can either hire a local designer or outsource your work to web/graphic designers of other countries
  • In case you opt for outsourcing, you should keep in mind the language spoken in the outsourced country. This is important because communicating your requirements to the designers is an essential process of website design planning
  • Plan your budget accordingly
  • See if the designers of the company are up to date with the latest trends in web designing required for top Internet marketing strategies
  • Look at the companies’ proposed turnaround time and compare it with your business schedule
  • Browse their web design portfolio to learn more about their style of designing
  • Ask for at least 2 design variations
  • Take reference from their existing clients

In addition to all these ensure that you can get a web design that is easy to maintain & update and should be having fast loading.

When you spend money, you always expect a good return on the investment. The same holds true when you plan to invest in your website. Hence let the professional experts develop an effective business website design for you so that you can devote your time to other important issues of the business.

Straight Vs Angled Spotting Scope: Choosing a Spotting Scope Body Style

The topic of Straight vs. Angled Spotting Scope is a discussion that has been and will be disputed for a long time. It is hard enough just choosing which brand of scope you will buy, then you have to decide the body style: Angled or Straight Spotting Scope. Here we will discuss which scope body style is best for you by looking at what is best for certain situations.

If you ask around or read forums on the topic of straight vs. angled spotting scope body styles, you will find that people have strong opinions on which is best. I would be willing to bet that the one they think is best will usually be the body style they got used to first. If their first scope was angled, then that is probably the body style they will prefer and vice versa. That being said, it is advised that you get used to the body style that fits most of your activities best.

Angled Body

Angled body scopes are best in several different situations. Here are the pros and cons of an angled scope over a straight scope.


1. Good option if there are going to be several people using it as it is easier to accommodate people of different heights, as you just lower your eye to the eyepiece.
2. Best for situations when standing as it requires less height of a tripod
3. Some say angled spotters are more comfortable for long hours of glassing.

1. Not good for spotting while sitting in a vehicle using a window mount.
2. Angled scopes are harder for beginners to find game due to the angle.
3. Does not pack into a backpack as well as a straight body style
4. Due to the angle, the eyepiece is very exposed to the elements, mainly rain, snow, dust.

Straight Body

Straight body spotters are best in several different situations. Here are the pros and cons of a straight scope over an angled scope.


1. A straight body is easier for finding the intended object making it especially better for beginners
2. A straight body is the best choice for using a window mount from the seat of a vehicle.
3. Takes up less room in a backpack due to its streamlined shape.
4. Straight body spotting scopes are slightly less expensive than angled body spotting scopes.
5. The eyepiece is 100% vertical making harder for dirt, dust, rain, snow, etc…


1. Taller tripod needed for viewing in a standing position
2. More height adjustment needed when several viewers are using a straight spotter.
3. Less comfortable than angled body spotting scope for long glassing sessions due to neck positioning.

Authors Preference: Straight or Angled Spotting Scope

Like I said at the beginning of this article as to straight vs. angled spotting scopes, most people will prefer what they learn and become comfortable on first. Due to the fact that I do a lot of backcountry glassing, packing my spotter in my backpack, as well as a lot of glassing from the comfort of my vehicle, the decision for me was simple to buy a straight body over an angled scope.

Although I believe a straight body scope is best for my situation, I do know the value of an angled scope. My father has a Swarovski 20-60X80mm Angled Spotting Scope that stays in the house or on the porch for viewing wildlife from the house. There are several users a lot of the time and it gets a lot of use, so the angled is the best bet for this situation. I have since become comfortable using angled or straight spotting scope body styles.

Decide and Go Glassing

I hope this has helped you to determine which scope style is best for your situation, a straight or angled scope. For the most part, whichever option you go with you should be able to get used to it. The best thing you can do is figure out what points above best pertain to you, buy whichever will be best for your style of use, and go give it a try. Be very careful with your new scope in case you decide you would like the other body style more; most places will let you return the scope if you are unhappy with it.

If you are in the market for a spotting scope, you should consider taking a look at the best spotting scopes for each price range here:  .

Lawyers: Are They Contractors or Employees?

Most people don’t know whether to classify lawyers as contractors or employees. In certain instances, the distinction is quite clear. For example, when a lawyer is hired for consulting services and paid a flat fee or contingent fee, then it is obviously an independent contract engagement. The distinction between a contracted lawyer and one that is engaged as an employee counts a lot in matters to do with taxation.

A lawyers of distinction 2019 that independently offers his/ her services on a contractual basis is exposed to the following benefits:

· No income tax is withheld.

· No employment taxes are levied.

· No agency liability is incurred for acts committed by employees of the law firm; the employer is exempted from any liability arising out of his or her employees’ legal malpractice.

· There are no Federal or State laws imposed to discriminate against the lawyer and protect employees only.

· There are no retirement, pension, fringe benefits, and such related systems.

Given the disadvantages that accompany employee lawyers, many people question why they even seek formal employment in the first place. In most instances, it is not a matter of choice.

For all intents and purposes, all state organizations and related agencies/ agents, assume all people working in a firm to be employees unless proven otherwise. This statement holds true for the IRS, state labor commissioner, employment development department, insurance companies, and the unemployment insurance authority.

There are various screening tests that can be done in order to identify the employment status of a worker. Most of the tests center on the level of control exercised over the worker. With cases of fraud on the rise, the IRS is doing everything in its wake to ensure that lawyers become liable for their taxation dues. The IRS is doing this by actively cooperating with different State departments and Federal agencies.

Lawyers are usually prime targets in this IRS venture and in certain instances, they get caught. There are precedent laws, developed over time, to bring out the distinction between a contractual engagement and a formal employee engagement.

When in catch 22 situations, most lawyers invoke Section 530 relief. This provision is a get-out-of-jail-free card that can be used when issues to do with employment tax liabilities pop up. However, for Section 530 relief to apply, there are certain requirements that the lawyer must have fulfilled:

· Consistent treatment of workers as independent contractors.

· Filing all forms 1099 for the workers.

· Have sufficient reason for not engaging the workers as employees. The degree of reasonableness is tied to judicial precedents, IRS rulings, past IRS audits, or a long-standing practice adopted by a significant portion of the relevant industry.

In order to successfully win a legal dispute touching on employment status, a practicing law firm must issue good and clear work contracts and be consistent in all it work ventures. This is the only sure way of avoiding income tax problems with the IRS.

Essential Oils For a Beautiful Garden

I became interested in essential oils because of the love of good fragrance. Soon I learned that there was more to these oils than good clean smell. So, buy edens garden essential oils.

*There are the amazing health benefits of these oils. These oils are the true essence of the plant and can help with things like headaches, burns, upset stomachs.

*Are you aware that there are oils that you can use in cooking? Try adding a drop of herbal oil to that recipe instead of the herb in a bottle.

*My newest discovery – essential oils in the garden. Oils can help rid the garden of pests and weeds as well as make a healthy compost.

Spring is the time to rekindle our relationship with the garden. Whatever you’re growing it’s important, whenever possible, to keep harsh chemicals away from your plants. Harsh chemicals harm the environment and can be harmful to your family and pets.

Here are some tips that can help you grow a beautiful garden with green essential oils.

1. For an effective bug repellent, fill a 24-oz spray bottle with water and add 2 – 3 drops of oregano, basil or thyme essential oil. To add zip to this green bug repellent, blend a clove of garlic and add to the solution with 2-tsp. insecticidal soap (add soap last). Spray this solution on or near infected plants.

2. Apply cinnamon essential oil as an herbicide to get rid of weeds. Take care to apply only to the weeds.

3. If you grow lavender, add the cuttings to the compost heap. It’s a wonderful compost material and soil amendment.

Understanding Lacrosse – Knowing Your Different Types of Lacrosse Sticks

Lacrosse sticks are sports equipment used in lacrosse, consisting of two parts, the handle, and the head, which are normally bought separately. Called a shaft, the handle of a lacrosse stick is a hollow, polygonal tube made from Kevlar, titanium, or aluminum. The exposed end of a handle is known as the butt and plugged with rubber or wrapped in tape. Used to cradle, throw, and catch the ball, the head of a lacrosse stick features a pouch. Depending on what you require, there are different types of lacrosse sticks for you to choose from. There are sticks with wooden or plastic heads, with sizes depending on whether the user is male or female and standards set by different lacrosse organizations like the International Lacrosse Federation, the NCAA, and US Lacrosse.

Different types of lacrosse sticks

Here are the different types of sticks you can choose from:

Men’s: Stick heads used by men need to be between four to 10 inches wide according to ILF regulations and then 6.5 to 10 inches wide according to the NCAA and the US Lacrosse. If you’re a goalie, your lacrosse stick can measure up to 15 inches on the widest point (ILF) or 10 to 12 inches (NCAA and US Lacrosse). Sidewalls for men’s lacrosse sticks shouldn’t exceed a height of two inches and can have pockets made from mesh, nylon, or strung leather.

Women’s: Women’s lacrosse sticks, on the other hand, should have heads that are seven to nine inches wide according to US Lacrosse regulations, with the goalie’s reaching up to 12 inches wide. While their pockets are shallower than men’s sticks, women’s sticks feature more colorful heads.

Children’s: Made from plastic, these sticks are light yet durable and easy to break-in. Along with mesh netting, they also have pointed mouths for accurate throws and easy picking up of the ball.

Important information

Complete information on the different types of lacrosse sticks is available at [ ]


ClickFunnels is essentially a landing page builder on steroids. The biggest selling point is that it’s easy to use.

It does have some drawbacks, which I’m going to cover later on, but overall it’s an excellent tool that you can use to build landing pages, sales funnels with upsell/downsell functionality and even membership groups. It’s packed with pre-made templates that you can customize however you see fit.

ClickFunnels integrates with Stripe, Paypal, and other types of payment processors, making it extremely easy to integrate if you take payments online for your services. It also allows for custom code to be inserted pretty much anywhere in a given page, which allows for you to truly customize your landing page, and even provide other checkout options like PayPal for your customers. You can also provide different price points and pricing options for your customers, built right into the landing pages.

ClickFunnels is a tool, just like any other software. You can earn money online in many different ways, and Clickfunnels can help you reach your goals, but ONLY if you put in the work. ClickFunnels is not a get rich quick scheme – it’s a tool to help you reach your customers and sell more products.

They even back up their software with a 14-day free trial.


First and foremost, WordPress is awesome. If you are running a strictly content based website, then WordPress should be your go-to content management system, and there’s no reason for you to work through ClickFunnels.

Therefore, if you aren’t selling something online or aren’t in need of a membership platform for any reason, then just stick with WordPress as your default CMS.

BUT – I do think that ClickFunnels has a full suite of options for any niche site builder and that you should consider it if you are thinking that you are going to start outsourcing some of your work. If you are running an Amazon FBA business, having a ClickFunnels subscription may be worth considering; especially if you run paid traffic to your products on your own e-commerce site.

For content based on the Niche website, I’ve been able to set up a membership site for my contractors so they can log in and see what I expect out of them when they work on my sites. It’s a crucial part of my business. While I could set up a password protected page for them on my site if I chose, I personally like having a separate site that provides easy to use instructions that cover ALL of my online properties, and not just one specific website.

If you sell any sort of product both physical and digital (software, membership site, etc) then I think ClickFunnels is worth taking a look for its advanced selling features. click here for more information.

Baby Grand Piano Review – Overview of Features and Popular Models

GM-11 Grand Piano

The reasons why baby grand pianos are well-liked by most musicians are their qualities which include sound and artistic beauty. Though they aren’t as large as a grand piano, they still have the capability to generate a full sound. As a result, they are often compared to an upright piano and other piano types as well. It is becoming a favorite alternative due to its amazing characteristics that any individual could really fall in love with.

The most distinct characteristic of this model piano is its dimensions. It ranges from 4 feet 6 inches to 5 feet 6 inches tall while the width measures 6 feet and above. But every buyer should be aware that the cost is dependent upon the materials used. Also, keep in mind that it is recommended to look for a piano that has dimensions not less than 4 feet 8 inches in height.

The sound of every musical instrument is important. Despite of its smaller size, a baby grand has strings which are longer than those of an upright type of piano. This results in a more precise vibration coming from the lengthier strings. It is common knowledge that the length of the strings plays a vital role to the sound quality and tone created by a piano.

Another quality that a baby grand piano possesses is its decorative function at home. They are characterized as the petite or “baby” version of the larger model pianos which can serve in daily use in every home. It has the ability to fit into most living rooms also. Though purchasing a piano can demand a big investment, buying a baby grand piano will definitely assure you that you are getting a great value. This is simply because a baby grand piano can last for a longer period of time even without costly maintenance as long as you keep them in an area where there is moderate temperature.

Of course, if you are to buy your own baby grand piano, you also have to be knowledgeable when it comes to its specific types which can be classified according to their color and leg styles. Most can be purchased in black. However, there are models that are being offered in ebony, mahogany, white, and walnut. Moreover, the majority of grand pianos are available in leg styles such as Queen Anne, Straight, and Victorian. These leg styles are more stylish and elegant when used as home decorations.

If you consider all the features that a baby grand piano has, it may trigger you to buy one right away. A baby grand [] possesses characteristics that every buyer will love since they are more practical and could provide you the best possible quality of sound.