Anyone who enjoys a high-end lifestyle should realize that ordinary personal insurance coverage just might not be adequate. Trust a knowledgeable agent to assess current needs and to tailor and design a custom package of protection to safeguard belongings, the family and any valuable assets. Viable high net worth insurance policies afford not only a higher level of coverage, but also concierge-style service with complimentary property valuations, appraisals and risk assessments.

Options available include:

  • High-value home insurance:

Many companies provide policies with replacement cost values in excess of $1 million. Anyone having a waterfront location or other unique exposures can get the help they require from qualified agents in order to find the optimal solution. In order to help control costs, these agents may also offer high value deductible programs as well as other creative solutions.

  • Coverage for secondary residences:

It would be a shame to have these family treasures lacking the proper amounts of insurance to protect them as well. It is quite possible to insure vacation homes and rental properties with the convenience of one package policy and bill.

  • Private collections:

Protect any fine art, firearms, antiques, jewelry, wine and other collectibles with the equally valuable coverage they deserve. These items should be appraised annually and insured for their current value. Also, keep photo records and inventory these items properly.

  • Directors and officers coverage:

If serving on a non-profit board, a generic non-profit insurance may not be enough. Directors and Officers (D&O) coverage can be included to cover any personal liability risk. Consider choosing from the highest limits available to lessen any possible risks and exposures.

  • Personal Auto:

Insure all vehicles on one convenient policy using “agreed value.” Any vehicle can be repaired with original manufacturer’s parts from a choice of repair shops. Coverage is available for collector vehicles. High deductible programs are also available.

  • Watercraft:

Get protection for boats of all sizes, including super yachts used for travel worldwide. Ask about options to protect crew and contents. Liability protection should be available in all states.

  • Aircraft:

Anyone who owns or operates aircraft can, and should, get insured with the broadest aviation coverage available.

  • Private staff:

Cover domestic employees work-related injuries, and get the coverage needed to respond to any potential lawsuits.

  • Worldwide travel:

Enjoy 24-hour assistance anywhere in the world whenever a medical emergency arises or uncontrollable circumstances require cutting a trip short to come home early.

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High Net Worth Insurance Protects a Variety of Valuables